What the CEO Wants You to Know: Building Business Acumen™    
Greatness through focused execution.
Do employees know how they impact your bottom line?
Today’s modern employees are increasingly specialized to have the most impact, but with a focused skill set and educational background, they lose out on a deeper understanding of how organizations operate as a whole.    
"Step back and get a total picture of the business. As you cut through the complexity, you will get a clear fix on what is happening in the real world."
Ram  Charan
The Solution
Employees must understand how your organization operates to maximize their efforts.

This crucial business solution, based on the book What the CEO Wants You to Know by Ram Charan, draws on the knowledge gained from years of working with Fortune 100 CEOs, and instills C-level insights in your employees so they can align their efforts to your business goals and maximize your bottom line. When employees understand how their organization operates, they can better align their efforts and decisions to benefit your bottom line.


We believe that every employee needs to understand what is required to run a business, where his or her job fits into the big picture, and how he or she contributes to the organization.


Core competencies of Building Business Acumen employees will learn:


Five Essential Elements of Business 

●      Understand how cash is generated and why it’s critical. 

●      Understand margin and the importance of making money and being profitable. 

●      Understand velocity and the process through which you can turn inventory or capital. 

●      Understand what creates growth and why. 

●      Understand the simple reasons customers buy from some businesses and not from others.


Navigating an Annual Report

●      Understand what the purpose of the annual report is.

●      Understand the key components of this report.


Strategic Thinking

●      Learn how the price/earnings ratio is calculated and used.

●      Link initiatives to the five essential elements of business.

Employees know where to apply their best efforts to maximize your bottom line.

FranklinCovey’s What the CEO Wants You to Know: Building Business Acumen helps everyone in an organization attain an understanding of how the organization makes money. This workshop is especially helpful for employees in roles that typically do not deal with the organization's financial aspects.



Time required:

This work session consists of 6 hours of instructor-led training.    

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